Lately I’ve noticed I’m only posting reviews of ARCs on my blog and it got me to thinking. The main reason is because I only post reviews once a week and I’ve been reading and reviewing so many books, there is no way I can get them all up here in a reasonable amount of time.

Looking through my schedule I saw a day that was “FREE”, as in no posts go up. Well not anymore, I’m proud to announce I will be posting two reviews a week! Starting next week let the reviews roll in. If for some reason I won’t be able to have a review up I will post a meme or tag in it’s place. So be ready for a post a day!!!

Here’s my new schedule:

Mondays – YouTube video

Tuesdays – Book review

Wednesdays – Conquer your TBR

Thursdays – YouTube video

Fridays – Book Tag

Saturdays – Book review

Sundays – Bonus Vlog



  1. Look at you go! I don’t have any sort of schedule. I’m so busy with work that I only post when I have the time. And I never schedule in advance. Maybe once in a great while but only like one day out. I just don’t have the time to sit down and write a bunch of posts out. 😫 I wish I could be as motivated as you!! You’re a rockstar!

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