I was tagged by ANGELICA @ THEBOOKCOVERGIRLS and you can check out her post HERE! I was also tagged by SARAH @ BOOK HOOKED NOOK and you can see her post HERE! Thank you so much for the tag!
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3.) Also inform them about their nomination.
4.) Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know


  1. I have agoraphobia, among other things, and leaving the house (or just the thought of) leads me to suffer from extreme panic attacks as well as severe anxiety.
  2. Lately I’ve found a love and belief in all things Crystal. I wake up every morning and meditate with them to charge them for the day. I love learning new things about crystals and tend to do a lot of research about them daily.
  3. I’ve started learning about astrology recently. I love reading, researching, and learning new things about astrology. I find it quite interesting.
  4. Every morning before I meditate with my Crystals I listen to a self help/self improvement/Personal growth audiobook. I’ve learned so much about myself through these audiobooks, I have found quite a few life changing.
  5. I really love watching reality TV. It is my guilty pleasure.
  6. I’m quite obsessed with planners/notebooks/office supplies.
  7. I work on my blog/youtube channel for a few hours pretty much everyday!


Michelle @ Bookaholic Banter

Kayte @ KayteReads

Kat @ lilkadykitty

Jess @ Reading With Jessica

Linda @ Linda’s Little Library

Libby @ Wolf Libby


31 thoughts on “VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD 3.0

  1. I’m obsessed with office supplies too! I miss being in school where I could binge on a bunch of supplies at the store!

    -hugs- That stinks about your agoraphobia. I wish there was a magical way to take anxiety away.

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