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I would have to say Danny the Dinosaur, since my mom read it to me almost every night when I was a child.


How can I not say the Harry Potter series for this one?!? Or the Twilight series. I love them both and they are classics to me.



Twilight, I have the reimagined version and have yet to read it because I’m sick of seeing it to be honest.



For some reason the Vampire Academy Series reminded me so my of the Harry Potter Series, but I didn’t mind at all.



I’m gonna go with a series I haven’t finished because of size on this one. I’ve been in the middle of book 4 (Feast for Crows) of the A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin. Seriously this book has been on my Currently Reading shelf almost all year.



War cross by Marie Lu, it also made me order her Legend series on my Kindle at 3AM. I know this because I saw them in my Kindle when I woke up. I know the timing because I saw the receipt in my emails lolol.



hmmm this is always a tough one… NOT Inej and Kaz ❤



I thought Warcross was awesome and completely fast-paced with tons of action!



Harry Potter is this even a question! lol



The Vampire Academy Series I heard so many mixed reviews on, but I loved it soon much.



As of this morning the Legend series by Marie Lu hahahaha


Pokemon-Tag15Mew-MewTwoAny Leigh Bardugo book!



I would have to say Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody.



I have quite a few auto-buy authors so I’ll just name a few. Sarah Dessen, Nicholas Sparks, Adam Silvera, Paula Hawkins, and Stephen King.




By the time this tag is posted I know this book will have been out for quite a while, but while I’m writing this (9/10/17) I have been waiting forever to read Warcross by Marie Lu. I actually just ordered it on my kindle so I will have it the moment it comes out (Tuesday).


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54 thoughts on “POKÉMON GO BOOK TAG

  1. I should check out Vampire Academy! I’m surprised I’ve never read it, I went through that vampire obsession phase with Twilight and True Blood like everyone else lol. Also, I have the reimagined Twilight book as well. I was so excited when it came out but I read about 2 pages and set it down and never picked it back up again. Still nice to have in the collection I suppose but really I should just make myself read it.

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