1. I have not work contacts in a year and a half and I definitely don’t miss them. They always made my eyes so tired. Love that Rudolph shawl! 😍 What’s the difference between alkaline water and just a regular filtered brita pitcher? And I still call it creamer regardless. You aren’t alone! Also, my bf got me an essential oil diffuser for Christmas! (We already exchanged gifts since we won’t see each other on the holiday 😞) I’m excited to start using it! Still waiting on the oils to come in. He got me peppermint for my headaches and lavender for anxiety. I hope they work for me!

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    1. Alkaline water has a higher PH than regular filtered water which is supposed to be really good if you have acid reflux and it is supposed to be more hydrating 😊 I love both of those oils I love to add lemon to lavender it smells great and you still get the anxiety relief factor and I love peppermint with orange and lemon it is good for energy 😍

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      1. I get acid reflux every single day of my life. I have GERD. I should definitely look into buying an alkaline water pitcher. Any little thing to help with my heartburn I’ll take! I’ll look into buying those oils as well! My bf’s sister sells oils so I can get them easily! Thanks! 😊

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  2. I thought you were going to film yourself going to the bathroom at first lol!!! I was a bit afraid lol!!!! I’m rolling over here, I’m so dumb haha. Loving your Christmas shawl, so festive! Loved getting a peek at your everyday routine!! ❀

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