21 thoughts on “NOTEBOOK & PLANNER USES

  1. Wow, you’re so organized! I am barely organized at all, although I’m trying to get better this year. I have a desktop calendar for all my blog posts, and I check them off after I schedule them. And then I have a little notebook that I put in all my cover reveals, blog tours, etc. and cross them off after they’re completed.

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  2. Ahh i love planners too! I usually have one main that I have with me almost all the time. But I do have more but I never know what to use them for hahaha. But there are so many cute notebooks out there and one can’t help themselves but keep buying them hahaha.

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  3. Notebooks galore! I love it! You have such pretty notebooks! I love your idea for the gratitude journal! You are so organized, it’s amazing! I have one notebook I use for blogging where I keep all the tags I’m tagged in and by who and I write all the books I read along with quotes or other notes about the book. I have a separate notebook with all my Stephen King books listed. I check off when I buy a new one, when I’ve read, what I rated it, etc. hopefullly this’ll help stop me from buying duplicates now!

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  4. Your planner made me get organized in my own planner. So I put all my blog posts and work schedules in my planner. I only like monthly planners though. Then I have a buttload of notebooks that I’m still figuring out what to do with.

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