37840412.jpgHappier Now by Nataly Kogan

Published June 1, 2018

Hardcover, pages


(Thanks to Netgalley & Sounds True Publishing, I received an eARC)



This isn’t a book about positive thinking, silver linings, or always being happy. This is a book about living fully in good times and bad, and enjoying life more because of it.

In her debut book Happier Now, nationally recognized happiness expert Nataly Kogan teaches readers how to stop searching for some elusive “big happy” in the future and start finding more joy in everyday moments. Drawing from science, Eastern traditions, her experience as a refugee, and her own failing search to find lasting happiness through career success, Nataly shares simple practices to help readers live happier and have greater resilience when times get tough. Readers will learn how to experience more joy and meaning, boost their “emotional immune system,” and embrace difficult times with compassion and stability.

It’s time to stop saying, “I’ll be happy when . . .” and start saying, “I’m happy now because . . .” 



Now this is a book I can get behind! From the moment I picked this one up I felt drawn in and wanting to just keep reading. I absolutely flew through this one and gained so much. This is a book I will definitely be rereading over and over again. It isn’t some “magic answer” to how to be happy, it’s more of a look at what you have and be grateful. I feel like this is an issue for most of at a lot of points in our life. Living in the moment is sometimes just so tough, but I’d say pick this one up and start living in that moment.

I don’t know why I used to always go into self-help/self-improvement books thinking everything would just fall in to place by reading words in a book. I found myself learning a lot of techniques throughout this one that I will continue to use in my everyday life. Hearing the author’s personal stories really helped push this one to it’s bests limits! The Fact that there is a HAPPIER APP just makes it all the more helpful! You can tell so much research went into this book and I greatly appreciate that.

If you are looking for life-long tips and stories you can keep in the back of your mind forever, look no further. Take it for what it is a book that produces a wonderful message and an author that really want to share he knowledge. Also if you find yourself rolling your eyes at this genre, I really think you should start here.



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