I saw this one over on the lovely Jenny in Neverland’s blog 🙂

First app you check when you wake up in the morning?

I will usually immediately put on whatever audiobook I’m currently listening to so, Scribd, Libby, Hoopla, Overdrive etc.

First broken bone?

I broke a finger once when my friend stepped on it while playing TV tag in maybe 2nd grade lol

First foreign country you ever visited?

Ummm I think the Netherlands

My first make-up item?

Definitely lipstick and knowing me probably a bright pink one haha

My first ever tape or CD?

I remember it being Don’t Speak by No Doubt because my brother’s girlfriend at the time had it and I wanted to be “cool” like her haha

My first car?


My first Celebrity crush

Ummm Jonathan Taylor Thomas I think 😂😂😂

My first cooking experience?

Trying to bake (kind of cooking) a cake and not knowing I was supposed to make two layers so it spilled all over the inside of my uncles stove 🙈

My first ever boyfriend/girlfriend?

Some dope I dated for way too long haha

My first ever mobile phone?

Hmmm that I think would be one of those Nokia phones that you could play snake on 😂😂😂

My first fear?

Who knows I was afraid of everything so probably bugs 😂😂😂

My first internet activity?

Umm AIM I think haha

My first job?

An oil company

My first language?

English is my only language

First musical instrument?

I played piano for a little bit when I was young

My first pet?

A cat named Smokey

My first piercing and when did I get it?

My ears when I was 6 months old or so

My first tattoo?

A ladybug for my nana

My first soft toy?

My pillow person, I was obsessed with pillow people when I was young haha

My first thought today?

I slept late

My first time on a ship?

I went on a cruise the first spring break in college

The first book I remember reading?

Yea I couldn’t know this if I tried, but I do remember loving Danny and the Dinosaur

The first concert I ever attended?

Billy Ray Cyrus fo my 13th birthday lmao

The first film I remember seeing?

TMNT like the olllllld ones with my brother haha

The first person I talked to today?


The first text I sent today?

I asked if my boyfriend needed anything particular done today lol

The first thing I do every morning?

Take my medicine

The first thing I do when I get home?

Change into PJs

The first time you ever got drunk?

I’d say 16 or so


whoever feels like giving this one a go!

42 thoughts on “MY FIRST TIME!

  1. This sounds so fun! I’ve never broken a bone and I think everyone in the 90s definitely has had those indestructable Nokia phones where you can only play snakes. I used to love that phone, though most of the time I probably just use it to play games 😀

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