39803890.jpgIn Paris With You by Clémentine Beauvais

Published January 8, 2019

Hardcover, 320 pages


(Thanks to Netgalley & Wednesday Books, I received an eARC)



A runaway bestseller in France, Clémentine Beauvais’s In Paris With You is a love story you won’t soon forget. 

Eugene and Tatiana had fallen in love that summer ten years ago. But certain events stopped them from getting to truly know each other and they separated never knowing what could have been. 

But one busy morning on the Paris metro, Eugene and Tatiana meet again, no longer the same teenagers they once were. 

What happened during that summer? Does meeting again now change everything? With their lives ahead of them, can Eugene and Tatiana find a way to be together after everything? 

Written in gorgeous verse, In Paris With You celebrates the importance of first love. Funny and sometimes bittersweet this book has universal appeal for anyone who has been in love.



This book was a second chance love story which I usually adore, but this one didn’t catch me as most do. I’m not sure I understood the need for it to be told in verse, which is another reason I thought I’d fall in love with this book. I was expecting more fluff, and I feel like I didn’t get any fluff.

 I wasn’t really feeling the romance between Eugene and Tatiana, maybe more of just a want from Eugene’s side. Both character’s had huge flaws (cough fake pregnancy cough), and I just didn’t see the growth. I did enjoy seeing from both of the characters now and ten years prior. I will say Tatiana was a pretty comical character and was the only reason I continued reading.

I’m not sure this author’s writing style is for me personally. I doubt I will pick up anything else by them, for the simple fact that I don’t have many nice things to say about this one. I wish I had more to say about this one, but I think you should just read it for yourself if you are on the fence.

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