44329705.jpgNot Hungry by Kate Karyus Quinn

Published August 1, 2019

Hardcover, 200 pages


(Thanks to Netgalley & West 44 Books, I received an eARC)



June is fat. June also has an eating disorder, but no one sees. When she doesn’t eat, her friends and family think they see a fat girl on a diet, not someone starving herself. When June’s secret is found out by Toby, the new boy next door, she is panicked. Then she learns he also has a secret. Everyone has their own little lies.



I’m a huge fan of books written in verse, I normally find them beautifully and lyrically written. This wasno exception, my only wish was that it was a bit longer. I found myself completely immersed in the plot, because it was written so realistically. I felt like I knew June inside and out, which I feel was the whole point of the story. It was nice to hear how June felt and I can see how realistic the whole story seemed. I do feel like the book ended tied in a bow and presented very neatly. This may be the only thing I wouldn’t mind have been done differently.

I really enjoyed June and Mae as characters, the seemed so real and it was nice to see things from their perspective. Their mom was a whole other story, she made me want to pull my hair out at points. She was just awful and made me so angry the way she would glorify June’s eating disorder symptoms. Then we have Toby… I’ll let you get your own take on this awful person!

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this beautifully written novel told in verse. I feel like it brought up many tough issues, eating disorders, body and fat shaming, and dealing with unsupportive parents. I wouldn’t mind another book that goes on to show June’s recovery or what happens after this one ends.

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