The Winners by Fredrik Backman

Published: September 27, 2022

Paperback: 684 pages

(Thanks to Netgalley & Atria Books, I received an eARC)



Two years have passed since the events that no one wants to think about. Everyone has tried to move on, but there’s something about this place that prevents it. The residents continue to grapple with life’s big questions: What is a family? What is a community? And what, if anything, are we willing to sacrifice in order to protect them?

As the locals of Beartown struggle to overcome the past, great change is on the horizon. Someone is coming home after a long time away. Someone will be laid to rest. Someone will fall in love, someone will try to fix their marriage, and someone will do anything to save their children. Someone will submit to hate, someone will fight, and someone will grab a gun and walk towards the ice rink.

So what are the residents of Beartown willing to sacrifice for their home?



I have read every book by this author, and this is one of my favorite series ever! The beginning had quite a good synopsis, within the book of the major happenings in books one and two. With it being a pretty long book (approximately 700 pages) I really enjoyed the the chapters were relatively short.

I love that there is a large cast of characters that we get points of view from. The author has a talent for making me love very unlovable characters. That being said, I was so invested in every single character this book followed.

I highly recommend this whole series, they cover tough topics in such a real, raw way. The emotional roller coaster I was on throughout, was more than worth it. It was a very satisfying ending to the series.

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